Open all types of maps: topographic, vectorial, scanned maps or even satellite pictures. You will be able to switch from one to another map, combine the information of several maps using an advanced transparency system or even use the multiple windows to display them separately. Plan your route with just a few clicks through a friendly, very intuitive and fully customizable interface.

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For years the Sportiva line has represented the brand TwoNav in many sports areas at the international level. In a sector like new technologies however, constant innovation is a key factor in helping to determine a brand’s position in the market. From that effort two brand new TwoNav devices are born: greater technological precision, longer battery life, reliability, ease of use and design, reinventing sports navigation technology.

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The latest update of our TwoNav software incorporates a new “MUSIC PLAYER” function for the powerful TwoNav Ultra allowing you to listen to your favourite music while practicing your favourite sports. Just synch your Bluetooth earphones with your TwoNav Ultra and it will be transformed into a fantastic music player, while continuing to offer you the best in navigation technology too.

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We are probably talking about one of the most important actions a GPS can offer us. A track is, in the last analysis, a set of chronologically organized checkpoints. In this regard TwoNav allows us to use it as a destination to provide detailed information on the route one must take on any of his rides. Let’s take a look at how to manage tracks and the information they offer us.

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After the launch of the modern and intuitive TwoNav Anima, TwoNav launches the new TwoNav Anima+ onto the market so that the most demanding athletes can enjoy any outdoor activity using ANT+™ technology. With it you will have data gathered in real time through external sensors (speed, cadence and pulse) to monitor and intensify your training sessions.

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